We have worked with Atlantic Joint Venture for over eight years now, so there isn't much we don't know about the six airlines that make up the Atlantic Joint Venture. The carriers are building a partnership that provides travel professionals and customers alike, with a better way of doing business.

The six airlines that make up the Atlantic Joint Venture are –


Atlantic Joint Venture Airline Logos

The joint venture features commercial cooperation that provides for improved efficiency and greater ability of each airline partner to offer a more competitive range of products in the Atlantic marketplace. While the carriers cooperate on creating efficiencies in scheduling, revenue management, sales and marketing, they retain their individual corporate identities, brands and product offerings.

Six airlines working together to provide simplicity, choice and value:


  • Aligned processes allow for simplified agreements
  • Coordinated passenger service between carriers including interline ticketing and baggage transfer
  • One contract and one point of contact 


  • Larger inventory of seats with variety of cabin and in-flight product offerings
  • More flights to over 400 destinations
  • Greater selection of non-stop and direct routings


  • Opportunity for customers to save on more carriers to more destinations
  • Expanded traveller services including lounge access
  • Additional destinations and gateways

 The Atlantic Joint Venture offers transatlantic services between between North / Central America and Europe / Middle East / Russia /India & Africa.

Air Canada:

Year round services from London Heathrow to:
Calgary - Edmonton – Halifax – Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto – Vancouver
Summer only services to St John’s
Plus onward connection throughout Canada and North America 
View Air Canada’s network 

United  Airlines:

Daily flights from London Heathrow to New York (Newark) - Chicago – Washington – Houston - Los Angeles – San Francisco
Daily flights from Birmingham – Edinburgh – Glasgow – Manchester to New York (Newark) 
Daily flight from Manchester to Washington  (from May 2012)
Over 300 onward connections throughout the United States, Canada & Central America   
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Services from London via Vienna to New York – Washington – Toronto
View Austrian’s network

Brussels Airlines:

Services from Manchester - Birmingham - Newcastle - Bristol via Brussels to destinations throughout US and Canada
View Brussels' network


Services from  Aberdeen – Birmingham – Edinburgh – London - Manchester – Newcastle via Düsseldorf - Frankfurt – Munich to destinations throughout the US and Canada.
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Services from Birmingham - London - Manchester via Zurich to
New York – Miami – Boston – Chicago – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Montreal
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